Apex Series

big mountain snowboards


Hand Crafted
American Made

Built by local craftsmen from local materials. Buy from us and support your own community as well. We are dedicated to providing superior products. Part of that is maintaining total control of where and how our products are built. With many years in this industry, and in a time when most brands have gone oversees, our modern factory produces year around providing american jobs.  We guaranty everything we sell 100%. Try us out and you will see what is meant by "built to last". 


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Step one in building a great product starts with the ingredients. We work with a local lumberyard, sawmill and tree farm. If you have been to the northwest corner of our country you have probably driven past our wood resources. We also work with a great California resin supplier who produces a high bio-content resin as well as a completely recyclable resin. Check our some of our collaborators.